Farming as a spiritual practice,invigorating the abundance of mother earth. Organic and human-scale farming using methods that are subtle, simple and sustainable.Working the land producing healthy and nutritious crops, in itself a rejuvenating and fulfilling experience.The way of life at Organicfields of Winterlake.

Leisure / Work

Social meaning of work derives from the acts of creation it makes possible. The creative use of Leisure suggests a phylosophy which may be summerisez under the ideas of integirity of purpose, liberty to choose goals,objectivity , equality in fellowship, common command of skills, growth and inner joy. Winterlake is a platform to your leisure and work. Eco – business park surrounding Organicfeilds of Winterlake is perfect opportunity to integrate your business with leisure.


Whether one is a participant, a casual spectator, a die-hard fan, or a critic, sport, in all its varieties and forms, play a significant role in the lives of most people through out the world. Sports and competitions have long been a part of human civilization and raise a wide range of important philosophical and ethical issues. Let the Winterlake Tennis Academy blossom to it’s glory


Buildings do not exist in isolation and are always embedded into contexts, and our designs must work towards building that larger context. The first context one must confront is that of nature. We seek to always maximise the relationship between architecture and landscape, and remain acutely aware of the nature of the sites in which we locate our work. We try to design in a way that responds to climate, wind, topography, vegetation, and the physical and cultural features that surround the site.